Apple computer strategic analysis

Because of the aggressive behaviors of competing firms, it is necessary to have strong fundamentals for maintaining competitive advantages.

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Microsoft Corp. As the conflict of interests was obviously, Schmidt resigned his position on Apple-board. For Steve Jobs, it has been a triumph, which under his leading Apple could establish the iPad in the market as new product category. Apple is an American multi-national corporation established in that designs and sells consumer electronic devices as well as related software, services and user content.

Weaknesses: Premium image: Apple carries a premium image based on an enriching customer experience. Compared to other companies in the industry Apple stands out with its ability to seamlessly integrate hardware, software, services and content into one closed ecosystem. Threats: Heavy competition in the laptop and smartphone industry: The competitive threat in the laptop industry has continued to intensify and Apple despite being a very popular brand is not at the top in the computing industry.

The applications, photos and documents could be saved in the iCloud automatically.

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Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc