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Putin was allegedly writing his dissertation while he was working as the deputy mayor of Russia's second largest city, St.

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At that point Biden had to quit the primaries. Enter your email address Submit The spectre of academic plagiarism by high-ranking officials is affecting much of Europe. Everything was written exclusively by my father. In fact, speaking of Putin, nothing prevents him from doing the right thing with his thesis. Despite her background, Olga Litvinenko has been a harsh critic of Putin and of her father for several years. Former Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, a longtime Putin associate who is now chairman of Gazprom's board, got his degree from the university in That was meant to seriously alert those who continue forging academic degrees. In January, a St. Petersburg Mining University in And in terms of content and structure, this is not a PhD dissertation, would not qualify as a PhD dissertation at any first, second, or third rate university in the United States. It is poorly researched. Since the s, the number of defended dissertations in Russia has dramatically increased, while their quality has drastically dropped In , Mikhail Kirpichnikov, then head of the Russian Higher Attestation Commission HAC, or VAK in Russian , responsible for the composition of the examining bodies councils established for each discipline, said that, starting in the early s, the number of defended dissertations in Russia had dramatically increased, while their quality had drastically dropped.

Its contents are second rate. Why do you think the issue of plagiarism in theses has become so relevant?

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In On 10 FebruaryDmitry Livanov, the Minister of Education and Science gave an interview to the business daily Kommersant, in which he denounced Dissernet, saying that its activities were harming the public image of the Russian academic community.

After a few months, he brought a completely reworked version that took into account the comments and he was allowed to defend it. Clifford Gaddy courtesy photo That doesn't mean necessarily that Putin is a plagiarist himself.

They did business together and not just once.

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Because scientists basically got fed up dealing with those characters with fake degrees. In , Putin and Belik made him rector. He finally left the KGB in August We are interested in the problem of falsified reputations; if you like, with the problem of lies. They found that there were more than 16 pages worth of text taken verbatim from King and Cleland. That was meant to seriously alert those who continue forging academic degrees. Meanwhile, there are really few good sources in this regard. The University decided to look into Ms Schavan's doctoral thesis, after an anonymous blogger raised questions about it.
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Researchers peg Putin as a plagiarist over thesis