Bsp ojt report

After the flag ceremony, the first awarding ceremony followed where the outstanding and commendable participations are recognized by giving colored ribbons.

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I started my on-the-job training in BSP on April To make scouting enjoyable, the scouting activities are thoroughly prepared in order that the scouters will not forget the experiences that they will encounter during the camping activities.

After 3 weeks, I, together with my fellow trainees, worked in preparation for the Asset watch presentation. In this way, the orientation and training is personalized. After that, we formed a big circle around their bundled flags symbolizing unity. It was successful because everyone cooperated and they were able to cook their and eat their breakfast.

In the evening of December 14 Mr. For the Spirit Builders: Songs, the scouts were taught about the common scout songs that they would sing throughout the course. The Crew Leaders were asked to pick one strip of paper containing their assigned crew name, this time the Zodiac Signs.

The impact that it has made in my field of specialization is that it contributed to my realization in the significant role that economics plays in the national development and the improvement of the standards of living of the Filipinos. Every scout had his share of sweat!

In this activity, each crew gave their breakfast to the facilitators a night before the activity.

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Scouting Narrative Report