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Most customers felt that the product did exactly as advertised, worked well and was surprisingly easy to navigate. Educational: The software includes tons of educational content by founder and business guru Tim Berry, including a step-by-step video course on how to take advantage of every aspect of Business Plan Pro.

Again, this technically falls outside of business plan "software", but the chances are you'll use a software package as a platform to build from, and Plan Writers can then help you build up from that base.

Even though Business Plan Pro is intuitive and has step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand, sometimes you need technical support.

business plan pro canada review services

If the information is incorrect, you risk losing out on critical funding possibilities or creating inaccurate projections that would be disastrous for your company if you over calculate. If the software was buggy, clunky or unusable, there would have been negative reviews cropping up all over the place.

Image Credit: Pixabay Other business plan software to consider We've only covered some of the most popular business plan software platforms out there, but there are a number of other notables worth mentioning, plus a wide variety of providers of business plan templates.

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Unlike some sites that have videos, the educational resources here are provided as PDFs and Word files, which can be quicker to access, but harder to follow for some learners.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind.

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The instructions are very clear, and the natural progression through the pages and program are helpful for even novice users. If the software was buggy, clunky or unusable, there would have been negative reviews cropping up all over the place. Plus, it offers clear instructions and cutting-edge funding tools to create a solid business plan and impress investors. The financial formulas are built in, so you just plug in your numbers and let the software do the rest. This is especially helpful for beginning entrepreneurs that may need little more help while writing their first business plan. Below we'll briefly cover a range of some of the additional options out there that are worth considering to get your business plan right. Track your cash flow, compare plan versus actual results, and more.
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