Cell phone waves and cancer essay

I never really thought of technology as a health hazard, but my mother had read an article; stating that trends in research show, technology can cause infertility, hearing loss or even cancer from the electromagnetic. Children have slender skulls and delicate nervous system.

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The reason the evidence is also inconclusive is because studies have yet to be proven or done on large mammals with more body weight and exposure time of over 10 years, which scientists believe is crucial to proving that there is a correlation.

They have been known to cause cancer and they may interfere with the functioning of aircraft. Once again, evidence did not suggest any increased risk between cell phone use and cancer or tumors of the brain and salivary gland, where most of the exposure takes place.

Essay - Technology has always made an impact on our society. There are reliable cell phone radiation facts today.

Cell phone radiation

The World Health Organization WHO is presently carrying formal risk assessment of all studied health outcomes from radio frequency field's exposures and is likely to publish it by the year Any cell phone at or below these SAR levels that is, any phone legally sold in the U. Can you get cancer from cell phone? Professor Arendash, started this study by noticing that the students in the hallway of the university had cell phones plastered to their ears. But, with that comfort and convenience, there often comes a price; and the technology of the cell phone proves no exception. February This means on any given day 4 billion people are exposed to cellular phones. With the great advancement of the cell phones comes a greater risk for health issues Muscat et al. He set up the experiment with lab mice, beaming electromagnetic signals at them two hours a day, for eight months, this is the equivalent to daily phone use for 25 to 30 years for humans.

The purpose of my research is to find the effects of cell phones on your brain and determine if it can be deadly. Critical thinking vs creative thinking in nursingthey found that there was no general type of cancer to associate with cell phone use.

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With the great advancement of the cell phones comes a greater risk for health issues

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Mobile phones and cancer