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Results from computational fluid dynamics CFD simulations are generally complex and difficult to understand.

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The CFX's homogeneous multiphase flow model, which is generally considered to be the appropriate choice for modelling free surface flows where the phases are completely stratified and the interface is well defined, is shown to be unable to model the filling process correctly.

This resulted in a much lower pressure drop simulated in the same rack. Description Find and compare the pressure drop of coolant fluid through the Sperre Rack Cooler, with the use of experimental testing and computational fluid dynamics, and evaluate the latter method.

The cure reaction is implemented in the code as a transport equation for an additional scalar variable, with a source term.

For flow over a free fixed pipe in laminar flow, the value of drag coefficients stays almost always constant and the amplitude of the lift coefficients increases as the Reynolds number increases. Results from computational fluid dynamics CFD simulations are generally complex and difficult to understand. Description Master's thesis in Offshore technology : subsea technology Publisher. The Strouhal — Reynolds number relationships of the laminar flow simulation have a good agreement with other experimental results. Also, the CFD results showed that the convergent areas of the interior cross section of the nozzle increased the velocity and turbulence of the steel flow inside the nozzle, and decreased the clog deposit thickness locally in those areas. Nevertheless I pin-pointed the best existing clustering algorithm for the graph based simulation. Abstract: Commonly used methods for injection moulding simulation involve a considerable number of simplifications, leading to a significant reduction of the computational effort but, in some cases also to limitations.

The abstract of my thesis captures the essence of my solution. Each of these three main sizes is in turn available in three different heights, and two different flow patterns, which makes a total of 18 specific configurations.

Finally, the mass conservation, momentum, cure and energy equations are implemented all together to simulate the simultaneous filling and curing processes present in the RIM process.

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