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Cumulative test data and reclassification statistics Student acquire conversational English within one to three years, but the language needed to perform abstract and complex academic tasks takes from five to seven years to develop within a school context. Following the reports, news of the illnesses spread across Chinese social media; on Weibo , a Chinese microblogging website, the topic was viewed over 30 million times. Teenagers are the biggest target towards cell phones. In the liberal government of George Papandreou granted demotic equal status with katharevousa throughout the education system, but this reform was overturned by the military dictatorship of , which added a phrase to the clause in the Constitution, stipulating that katharevousa was the official language of education. In reality, voters should not be asked to vote on educational issues about which they have little knowledge and very little investment. Proficiency in English is vital, but it is only one factor that supports high levels of academic achievement. And even here, I just run against a brick wall and people say, well in that case we should just improve the teaching of the foreign language. STC Playwrights and the Stage In the s and early s, debate over the Inkhorn Controversy intensified, and focused on particular practices, such as the affected use of elevated language.

This is very damaging to the society at large and especially to the minority who cannot prevail against the majority when they coalesce in favor of a proposed law or policy that has a negative impact on the minority.

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Linguistic diversity is a natural and positive reality in a culturally diverse society such as the United States. Language learning becomes more difficult as children get older. Many Greeks, rightly or wrongly, believe that it is possible to speak and write Modern Greek properly without a knowledge of Ancient Greek.

Isn't it better for children to replace their native language with English?

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Eight people lost their lives, the Archbishop of Athens was deposed, and the government fell. All children, including language minority students and their families, have a civil and human right to the most effective education to maximize their full human potential.

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So I say, look, even if it did have these big payoffs, the system is just a waste of time, and people spend years doing it for nothing.

Strangely, it was another right-wing dictator, Metaxas, who had the vision to commission a standard grammar of demotic. Follow me on Twitter. The reaction against the demoticist movement reached the Greek Parliament, which when enacting a new constitution inincluded for the first time a clause specifying the official language of the Greek state without, however, mentioning katharevousa!

Tennessee residents are known for having a country slang when speaking, while citizens of New York would speak more proper.

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The Bilingual Education Controversy: A Road Map