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To find out regional disparities in environmental awareness among them. An infant starts to learn its relationship with society through the process of socialization.

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The constructor of the tool reported that the scale also possessed content validity and face validity as each item of the scale was judged by experts. Other programs are outreach programs for children, college students, and teachers; temporary exhibits; and quiz and declamation contests.

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The present study was confined to a sample of only undergraduate students who were studying in B. All items of the scale carries equal mark i.

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New Delhi: Kanishka Publishers, Distributors. Whilestudents in urban regions get lot of exposure related to environmental awareness through many means, for example media, their schools, some programmes and etc. However, findings of Table 8 clearly indicate that there is a significant difference between two regions in terms of level of environmental awareness of students and therefore the hypothesis no. Here, i have used SPSS statistical package for generating and tabulation of raw data. The Journal of Environmental Education, Vol. According to Jha , the objective of environmental education includes awareness, knowledge, attitudes, skills and participation of people in protecting the environment. Conclusion and Discussion The findings of the study revealed that the undergraduate students of District Ambala possessed good average level of environmental awareness. So, the curriculum must be dynamic in nature i. Environmental awareness and environment related behaviour of twelfth grade students in Kolkata: Effects of stream and gender. All these contradictory and contrasting results regarding the relationship of environmental awareness with the stream of study and area of residence and the personal concerns for the protection and conservation of environment in District Ambala of Haryana provoked the following questions in the mind of the researcher: Do the undergraduate students of District Ambala possess adequate level of environmental awareness? Children can speak a new language easier and more naturally than an adult. Thus, on the total scale the scores of fifty one questions ranged between It is concerned with the conditions or relationships that exists, opinions that are held, processes that are going on, effects that are evident, or trends that are developing. Environmental Awareness is about being aware of the environment. Today, we hear of environmental problems such as pollution of air, water, earth, ozone depletion, climate change, greenhouse effect and etc.

The towns eminence drew 5 from the nearby Kolar Gold Mines which recently actively produced a major part of the countrys gold. A sample of secondary school students boys and girls was selected from different schools in rural Kolar district and urban region Bangalore district.

RAJVIR SINGH For studying the level of environment awareness among undergraduate students in relation to their stream of study, the researcher compared the level of environmental awareness of arts, commerce and science undergraduate students of District Ambala.

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A demographically diverse city, Bangalore is a major economic and cultural hub and the second fastest growing major metropolis in India. It soaks up all the information it receives. Mind the gap: Why do people act environmentally and what are the barriers to pro-environmental behaviour? According to the data majority of the students belong to the other backward category. Environmental Education Research, Vol. For that it is the need of the hour that the people from all spheres of life come together and take this responsibility as a challenge. Creating environmental awareness among children. Teaching children what it means to be environmentally aware is important but it will have a more lasting impact if teachers can lead by example. It is the aggregate of all living and non- living things like air, water, soil, climate, weather, resources, natural as well as unnatural forces and all living species. Total schools were opted for the study through a stratified sampling method. Secondly, results indicate that there is no much significant difference between boy and girl students in their level of environmental awareness.
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How To Cultivate Environmental Awareness In Schools