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These countries have had a large voice in shaping the world into how we see it today, and also are a big part of modern problems we deal with.

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The majority in this debate seem to suggest that there is a certain lack of democracy in the EU, however we can also consider opposing arguments whilst delving into why this majority view appears the most favourable view in the debate. Christopher Columbus was a sea captain from Genoa.

Especially, during the Middle Ages in Europe, things were changing quickly Nelson The countries of the EU are not pushing the structural, fiscal and monetary reforms which are needed to secure the future of the European Union.

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For example, consider a particular period of history or limit the historical time period in question. Some people take the view that the EU must be democratic as it has a democratically elected Parliament, voted for by EU citizens, however in an article by Follesdal and Hix they cast doubt on the true democracy of the EU Parliament, it 's effectiveness and Each individual country in the EU controls its own budget and thus fiscal policy.

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What is even more remarkable is the Phoenix that rose from these ashes, and the new feelings of unity that accompanied the ending of the war.

Many things would happen in each country that would change the type of government that each one had. Because of this, those member states that need the ECB the most — are excluded.

While these individual countries had significant nationalistic grievances, such as anti-Austrian attitudes in Italy, anti-Russian and anti-Turkish opinions in Rumania, anti-Habsburg in Prague and Budapest, German patriotism divided German as did Polish patriotism in Poland; it was the political and economic struggle that were t Specific businesses have increased their prices in some European countries faster than the other countries, which caused the euro to become less competitive; if the euro was cracked and some countries changed to their own currency then they would be able to lower their exchange rates

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