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Remember that sometimes it is better to have a noisy photo than a blurry one. It is normally done by Adobe Photoshop Pen. Sometimes you cannot avoid grainy photos, when, for example, you are shooting in the dark church.

What do I do to become like you one day? For my boudoir work, the limitation of it make me look at light much more creatively. Gabe McClintock. If so what are your favorites?

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I love how versatile it is. What are your favorite lenses to work with, and why? It is worth noting that the professional use of this method requires experience from the retoucher. Without further adieu, take it away, Gabe! Apply Dodge and Burn The list of the best tips for wedding photography deservedly includes this technique. I put these in, turn on the noise cancelling and the entire world around me goes silent. Find a Good Camera Bag It depends on personal tastes how to carry and keep your equipment. I want my couples to be a part of the image and not get lost in it. I ended up working in newspaper for a while, got out of the photography world for 6 years worked in electronics and got back into weddings 13 years ago for a friend that was getting married.

The RAW format gives more discretion for the photo editing, especially as you cannot change the lighting at the wedding.

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