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Thank you for being our wedding photographer. One of the important things we were looking for from our photographer, was not just good photo's but someone who wouldn't be demanding and bossy on the day. His pictures will leave you speechless and wanting more!

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Memories of Tomorrow provide all inclusive packages, which suited our needs of wanting a pre-wedding shoot to having photo albums for our parents. You are a true professional, keep up the good work! Those pictures look amazing. Not only did Peter capture memories of our special day the album was perfect telling a story of the day which we can hold on to and cherish for the rest of our lives. Such gorgeous light and energy. We never had any problems leading up to the big day, even though we were planning our wedding from interstate. His style was non-intrusive which allowed him to capture some superb photos of both of us and all our guests. The eyescape photo still fascinates me!

Nothing was too hard and nothing would stop him from getting the perfect picture. Did you want unposed natural sessions in your home, or were you looking for someone who runs their own studio? So pleased with all the photos he took and had lots of positive comments from our guests wishing they had documentary photographed their wedding rather than having set poses.

He did not miss a thing, even the small details he noticed and captured making the end product all the more personal. Our pre-wed shoot had to be rescheduled due to rain, but he still made time to meet with us to answer any questions we had, and then when we finally held our shoot a week later, he was just as attentive and got a copy of photos to us so quickly.

We are forever grateful to Peter Adams for the priceless memories he captured through his photography on our wedding day. From one friends recommendation to the next we know Peter will always be in demand, with our friends and family lining up to book their very own ninja.

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How to Write a Photography Critique (with Pictures)