How to write a psychology article abstract definition

Will it provide a test of an important theory? Location: Publisher. In many cases, you might begin by stating the question you sought out to investigate and your hypothesis.

Another would be to answer the main question first and then to answer secondary ones. The basic structure of your argument, then, should be apparent from the outline itself. What does it all mean? The advantage to concision here is that it makes the article more likely to come up in multiple searches, a useful strategy when a reader could be looking for "estrodiol", "neuroprotective agents" or "ischemic injury".

The experiment reported below attempted to fulfill these conditions.

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Second, it is important to emphasize the structure of your argument in your writing. Discussions usually consist of some combination of the following elements: Summary of the research. Thus, the calf can gain a 'free ride' in the forward-moving areas.

Once you have completed the final draft of your psychology paperuse it as a guide for writing your abstract.

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This makes the impact of the abstract greater than a mere filtering device and increases the ethical responsibility of the writer to provide sufficient and accurate information.

Introduction: The purpose of the introduction is to explain where your hypothesis comes from.

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You should also center the word "Abstract" at the top of the page.

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Psychology Abstract in APA Format With Definition and Examples