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Feedback The introduction paraphrases the question and clearly tells the examiner what the essay will discuss in the main body paragraphs.

This essay will firstly discuss, how having fixed punishments could lead to a more competent judiciary system as the biggest advantage. Introduction Obesity has become a huge concern as an increasing percentage of the population have become overweight and this has put a tremendous strain on the healthcare authorities, leading to increased costs.

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This roadmap should let the examiner know what the topic of discussion is, as well as your position in relation to the topic, and you may also choose to briefly explain how you plan to develop the essay.

I am convinced that It is always just one sentence long so you will have to practice summing up your opinion in one sentence. Thesis statements are very important but only in question that ask you for your opinion. Secondly, this essay will discuss how this may lead to people being punished in the same way for both minor and major crimes as the primary disadvantage.

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In other words, you will outline what the examiner will read in the rest of the essay. This essay will firstly discuss the main reasons that this is happening and secondly look at the effects this is having on individuals and society. You should practice this with past paper questions. Because the writing process in itself is a way to organize your ideas and refine your thoughts, as you develop the body of the essay in Writing Task 2, you may find that you started out thinking about arguing a particular point but ended up arguing something different. You can see how the question above has been paraphrased. Introduction Paragraph Structure By learning a structure for your introduction and practising it over and over with many questions, you will be able to write one quickly about any topic. Most of the time, you just have to paraphrase the fact provided in the topic question. You should give your opinion in the introduction or state your position clearly, as this is the main idea for the whole essay. You should also make sure your writing is following a formal style as this is an academic essay. Opinion essays The main cause s of this issue is…..

What problems does this cause? Again, your main body paragraphs should have only one main idea so it should be easy to spot these and then write a sentence about them.

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I am a native English speaker and I am an English teacher, so the sentences should be good, shouldn't they?

While the prompt can give you some clues about how to approach your opening paragraph, make sure you use your own words when writing your introduction.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Introduction