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It makes it easier for them to give you marks. This means coming up with a new statement based on the original question and arguing that statement throughout. Students who have learned this skill from us will be able to conquer the new syllabus with ease. Now, this is really tricky, and it is sometimes impossible, but it is a trick that really worked for me, and so maybe it will help you guys too! Check out these two example paragraphs below. As a side note, what is with the right turns from the left hand lane in Melbourne? This means that no matter what you do the question should always be focussed on the same idea or concept, just looking at it in a different way. We also try to understand and criticise contemporary events by discussing them through the lens of past events and narratives.

We define our cultural and personal identities, in part, through the texts we read and write. HSC English Paper 1 — Section 2: For this section of the exam in previous years, students would often memorise an essay response to a broad question and adapt it to the question given in the exam.

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And there you have it! But for a lot of students, remembering a bunch of quotes can be a challenge. You are only getting the reader ready for what is to come.

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Struggling with ideas for interesting and original stories? You could also be asked to write something other than an imaginative or creative response. To do well in the new HSC English Exams you need to become familiar with your texts, and be able to analyse and respond to unseen texts with sophistication and insight. Presents a critical, refined personal response showing highly developed skills in interpretation, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of texts and textual detail. Referring to your plans will keep you focused and on track. Amplify and link it to the question. This could be a persuasive, discursive or informative response to a stimulus. It should state definitely where you stand on the Thesis, in a way which ties the previous parts together. Plus they make it way easier to figure out which quotes or examples are the strongest, or best suited to your essay. Want to reach your full study potential? Now, this is really tricky, and it is sometimes impossible, but it is a trick that really worked for me, and so maybe it will help you guys too! One, it organises your argument into logical sections Intro, Body, Conclusion , which adds to its weight and sophistication as opposed to, say, a free form extended response. The process of actually going over your own work with a critical eye and figuring out how you can improve it helps you in lots of different ways. Here are our top HSC English study tips to help you nail your final exam.

Discuss what you think is necessary to discuss. These techniques are therefore used to demonstrate that while Bilbo is curious in his perspective of the world, he also recognises and is comfortable with where he belongs in it.

C3 Education Group have been teaching these skills for years!

hsc english tips
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How to Study and Ace the New HSC English Syllabus