Impact of work stress on employee performance

Stress is one of the burning issues that banking sector must deal so that employees can comfortably produce quality work.

Thoughts— your brain interprets and perceives situations as stressful, difficult, painful, or pleasant. But for some people, the psychological and physical symptoms triggered by the trauma do not go away.

This condition is known as post-trauma stress disorder. How you handle the effects of stress depends on whether it is easier to change the situation or change your attitude toward it. Questionnaire was the instrument used to elicit information from the respondents.

It can be a demanding boss, annoying co-workers, rebellious students, angry customers, hazardous conditions, long commutes and a never-ending workload.

thesis on stress and job performance

In terms of days lost on the job, it is estimated that each affected employee loses about 16 working days a year because of stress, anxiety or depression.

In the U. It grinds away both emotional and health of the individual leading to breakdown and even death. The body does not return to equilibrium, and life does not return to normal.

Introduction Stress can be defined as pressure work stress can be elaborated as resistance to come to work and a feeling of continuous pressure.

impact of job stress on employee performance thesis
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Impact of Stress on Employee Productivity