Inventions of the renaissance

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the printing press, he printed the holy bible, which contained 42 lines per page.

mechanical clock renaissance

A Dutch lens maker offered a new instrument which can be used to see the distant objects magnified. Other Inventions Other inventions during this time include the flushing toilet, the wrench, the screwdriver, wallpaper, and the submarine.

Money was loaned at apparently pretty reasonable rates of interest with personal possessions and property used as collateral. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, thanks to the appearance of other instruments Jacob's rod became obsolete.

This invention allowed clocks to be made that were much more accurate. Building his parachute to the exact specifications of the original design, he jumped out of a hot air balloon at 7, feet 2, metres and floated blissfully through the air for five minutes before landing safely on the ground.

Flush Toilets The first flush toilet was made in by John Harrington. It was necessary to use tablets, which were worn quickly and did not allow to print many copies quickly. He had undertaken seven ocean voyages in the period between and AD. The Dutch astronomer Metius Adriaan Adriaanszoon used it to measure the position of the stars.

Previous to the press, there were already informational pamphlets that were handwritten and distributed among the people, but the press allowed the newspaper to become daily or weekly and massed the number of copies that were produced. Lodestone was the material that was used to make the compass.

scientific revolution inventions

Before this woodblock technology was used for the purpose of printing.

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20 Inventions of the Renaissance that Changed the World