My best teacher essay for 7th class

She also asks questions about the same topic on next day.

10 lines on my favourite teacher in english

My Favorite Teacher : Short essay I study at [school name]. She never takes study very serious and teaches us with entertaining activities.

My best teacher essay for 7th class

But I like Dr Saswata Chatterjee. As a gardener, the teacher not only nurtures the pupils as plants, but also gives them the fragrance of virtues by making them grow into a better personality. She is a good teacher. She would always be my best teacher. The teacher has a very important contribution in building our social and mental level. Due to his diligence he is respected everywhere. She's always friendly and easygoing. Incoming search terms: essay on my favourite teacher my best teacher. The atmosphere of the classroom becomes serious and everyone in the class listen him carefully again. He never gave us lots of assignments at home. Next day, she asks questions related to the yesterday topic and then start another topic. He makes use of his leisure hours in the best possible way. He takes our English poetry and grammar classes. Sir Rajesh teaches us very kindly.

We ask her any question related to the subject in the class or her cabin without any fear. She is very enthusiastic to teach and clears all our doubts whenever we ask questions in her classes.

10 lines on my teacher

She was in charge of YMCA and leaded a group of students to do lots different kinds of services. She has a command over her subject.

500 words essay on my favourite teacher

He always wears nice simple formal clothes. Surgery personal statement for a mouse a lot is by elliott masie. She cheers personally to the student doing well in the school whether in academic or sports activities. He believes in action, not in word. She wants to keep quiet in her class when she teaches. Winfried deijmann commented on my most of writings, and how to my class for writing a timed essay writing a funny story or values. She teaches us Hindi and Computer subjects in the class. She liked eating Chinese and Japanese. She put much older than 1, many teachers in high school and being a teacher should be a great, 6, 4, she was mrs. She brings good education and lays the foundation for good habits. Such teachers are real assets to our school. He is very enthusiastic and always motivated us for doing our best in the study. They get themselves involved in almost all school activities and guide students along the right path.

The teacher has a very important contribution in building our social and mental level.

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Essay on my teacher for class 7