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Lime Softening Another process is called lime softening. Hair washed in hard water may feel sticky and look dull. Calcium sulphate slightly soluble and magnesium sulphate very soluble are washed out of rock formations. Potential Health Effects Hard water is not a health hazard. Furthermore, soft water is corrosive to pipes, which may allow for toxic substances like lead to contaminate drinking water. The equations for the formation of temporary hard water due to calcium hydrogencarbonate and magnesium hydrogencarbonate. Hard water also forms deposits that clog plumbing. Note that this figure describes the desalination of salt water.

Temporary hard water can be softened by boiling the water. This is the end point of total hardness titration. Lime Softening Another process is called lime softening. While some studies suggest a correlation between hard water and lower cardiovascular disease mortality, other studies do not suggest a correlation.

Permanent hardness is hardness mineral content that cannot be removed by boiling. Dishes and glasses may be spotted when dry. Heating causes the bicarbonate ion in temporary hard water to decompose into carbonate ion COcarbon dioxide CO2and water H2O.

temporary and permanent hardness of water

Chelsea, MI: Lewis Publishers. You should not detect any hardness in pure water, but it always takes a little soap to get a good lather of soap bubbles. For this reason, water softening is often unnecessary.

Insoluble calcium carbonate in limestone, chalk and insoluble magnesium carbonate both dissolve in acid rainwater to form soluble hydrogencarbonates e. Briefly, explain why the pH of deionized water is typically found to be around 6.

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Sources of Hardness