Rhetoric analysis of a political cartoon

Someone who is threatened by gun control may feel as if this cartoon is implying that, and so that would cause them to attack the cartoon instead of truly understand it. He also appeals to his credibility.

rhetorical devices in political cartoons

The author relies on both word and image. By referencing the horrific story that had taken place, all three audiences he was targeting will take a moment to remember the incident and agree with his opinion.

editorial cartoon analysis

Politicians are very narrow with their opinions and decisions. Some people were still in mourning and others were still too shocked to react.

Political cartoon ethos pathos logos

They have to represent different options that are available to young people in the contemporary United States. The shooting had resulted in deaths of Congressmen and of a nine year old girl, named Taylor. Tribune Content Agency is a large media company that sends comics and political cartoons to news and media outlets all across the country, such as the L. The blatant ignorance of the statement made by one of the Elephants, about not seeing any evidence of manmade climate change, serves to tap into an emotion of anger. The constraints that Chappatte faced were not necessarily negative. Persuasion, its components, principles, and techniques. Although the evidence that climate change had an effect on hurricane Florence is still debatable, the relationship between climate change and weather is enough for the audience to make a connection between the two. The humor presented in the cartoon could have been perceived as disrespect, considering the occurrence it had represented. It can clearly be seen by the unnatural water level that climate change is dangerous and needs to be addressed. If I look into details, I can see the different sizes of guns, the posters, Sarah Palin, the American flag, and the way the two men are dressed and portrayed. Chappatte was successful in achieving his goal. It meets the characteristics of a political cartoon rectangle, exaggerated features, direct message, detailed background and it also looks like a political cartoon. This solid motivation helped him in directly sending a message to the viewers of his cartoon.

Chappatte is also a liberal, so I do believe that he stays true to his ethics when expressing his opinions. The fairly recent election of President Donald Trump in combination with the unprecedented consequences of climate change has accentuated the relevancy of this political cartoon.

I learned a number of techniques and events while writing my paper.

analyzing political cartoons

Master in Mass Communication. First off, as I had mentioned before, I have to identify the genre. The audience had remembered the deaths of that day and agreed that politics have gotten violent.

Political cartoons with analysis

The most important element is the textual message included into this cartoon. If I look into details, I can see the different sizes of guns, the posters, Sarah Palin, the American flag, and the way the two men are dressed and portrayed. The exigence is the reasoning behind the inspiration and motivation or an issue addressed within a picture or text. References Horwitz, S. The author does not refer to any particular person or specific event, but one can understand that the author describes the life of contemporary Americans. The audience of this cartoon is difficult to define, because it can include every person who is interested in the political, social, and economic life of the country. It is a genius and widely used tactic. The Washington Post. One must also remember that an artist gains an inspiration from outside sources that are not directly present in the presentation of the picture. In order to appeal to the logical and reasonable response for addressing the issues of climate change, Sheneman attacks the unreasonable attitude of the Republican conservatives.
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Writing Rhetorics: Teaching Political Cartoons