Social responsibility of coca cola

Today it is. This is a scandal they have tried to distance themselves from as much as possible in recent years. So popular, in fact, that, according to Coca-Cola's website, nearly 10, cans of their drinks are consumed every second. Coca-Cola India stepped in to fund this project and helped SOS save funds from its budget for other use.

To examine corporate governance issues and recommend a voluntary code of best practices, Confederation of Indian Industry CII set up a committee and started the initiative to improve corporate governance in India. They have taken several steps in its efforts to be an environment-friendly organisation.

Coca-Cola is one of the few companies in India to have made any contribution to recharging groundwater in India and uses less water, more efficiently, than many other industries in India and yet a small number of politically motivated groups have still chosen to target just The Coca-Cola Company, using the Coca-Cola brand name for the furtherance of their own anti-multi- national agendas.

To conclude, the complex organizational structures of many Indian business houses are a major impediment to good corporate governance.

coca cola ethics and social responsibility

As Coke is learning, the skills and strategies for operating within this quadrant are new, undefined, and difficult.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: it’s in our DNA: The Coca