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She's also lonely, heartbroken, wounded, and desperately searching for her place in the universe.

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Both of them are popular with their personal fanbases at least in part because of this. While she does remain snarky and cool-headed, she does become more amicable and openly-caring for those close to her and she reaches an understanding with her mother, her even informing Rika that she is responsible and will choose her path for those needing context, Rika's mom was implied to have been a teenager when she had her and thus, is referring to her own lack of regret on being a model and single mom. He's apathetic, deadly, and has a short temper for specific things. Dwight and Wallace embody this trope more than any other Sin City protagonist: charming, handsome, dark, mysterious, and violent. The protagonist, Emiya Kiritsugu, failed to Shoot the Dog as a child and caused a village to be massacred. She's a hardened woman who is hellbent on killing Embryo to the point she wants to use anyone to that end. While both characters may ultimately be defeated by their flaws, the Tragic Heroes and Tragic Villains tend to suffer more for them in the end and include An Aesop. The first stages of Pushkin's poetic novel Eugene Onegin appeared twelve years after Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, and Byron was of obvious influence Vladimir Nabokov argued in his Commentary to Eugene Onegin that Pushkin had read Byron during his years in exile just prior to composing Eugene Onegin. Her internal conflicts lead to her downfall; her inability to firmly deal with an apparently harmless traitor , despite knowing of his treachery, leads to the decimation of her forces. She also has a strained relationship with her mother, a professional model who tries to get her daughter into a similar way and Rika is quite bothered by it. He's also an expert strategist with a crew that will follow him anywhere.

She even has a pose similar to the page image in Episode 10, when she looks on her school's tanks. Joe Yabuki, who goes through many hardships that concludes in his own death With some prodding from Gilgamesh, he instead embraced his true passion for causing suffering.

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Sasuke Uchiha, having been deliberately traumatized by Itachi, begins the series as a brooding revenge-obsessed loner. Werner Locksmith from Planetes. He didn't have to do any of that as soon as he became Emperor, but he did anyway because he knew he deserved no less. Of course the "misunderstood" conception changes at the end, at least in-universe. After giving Lelouch his Geass, she makes it clear that she sticks with him for her own reasons namely, getting rid of her Code so that she can finally die , but she regains her humanity through her interactions with him. She was once a good girl with good intentions, but then those intentions backfired on her and she lost her innocence. Because of this, he is very rebellious, having a distaste for social institutions and norms and is disrespectful of rank and privilege, though he often has said rank and privilege himself. He doesn't even care about his own life. The very Byronic outcome is a tragic, albeit successful, revolution. He is finally snapped out of this in his final battle with Naruto. He does desire to bring a better life to humanity, but his emotional detachment makes him a ruthless case of Well-Intentioned Extremist , as he firmly believes that Utopia Justifies the Means. Naturally, women love him. When operating alone Cable has no problem using any means at his disposal to achieve his goals, such as torturing Captain America prior to Avengers vs.

Fourteen at the time of Byron's death, and so grieved at the poet's passing he carved the words "Byron is dead" on a rock near his home in Somerby, declaring the "world had darkened for him" McCarthy, Cynical, jaded, brooding and self-destructive?

Classical anti-heroes have many flaws but without any violent or sociopathic traits that Byronic heroes have.

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Oftentimes, to highlight their signature brooding aura, a Byronic hero will be compared with creatures that have dark, supernatural connotations, with demons, ghosts, and of course, vampires, all being popular choices.

He is a good looking loner with has a pessimistic personality but is extremely passionate about what he does, thus many people show him admiration. Steerforth's occasional outbreaks of remorse reveal a tortured character Harvey,echoing a Byronic remorse. He also traumatized his brother in the hopes of molding him to have the power to stop him and become a hero.

In the process, he had to sacrifice anything resembling normal human emotion.

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