The performance triad

Besides that there will be regular discussions with the Soldiers and unit leadership to get their feedback on how the program is doing.

Also, cognitive performance will be measured using psychomotor vigilance testing, which looks at reaction times to see if improving activity, nutrition and sleep can provide improvements. In particular, too little sleep has a major impact.

The performance triad

Warm up muscles by performing dynamic stretches such as high knees, lunges, jumping jacks and arm circles. Diet is critical! A recent report from the US Army Public Health Center not publicly accessible 8 enumerating patient records from all veterinary facilities located on Department of Defense installations worldwide shows that there are currently over , pets registered at military facilities Leafy greens add important nutrients to your body that will make you feel better and be healthier. One study showed that military spouses exercise substantially more than comparable civilian groups, and military children tend to participate in physical activity more than other children their age. I have to work out in the morning after I get out of bed. These ideas are reflected in the program's basic message: engage in activity, improve nutrition, and get quality sleep. There are several ways Performance Triad will be evaluated, Andrews said. All three of these directly impact mental and physical performance and overall health. You can get your steps in by: Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking up the escalator instead of riding up Jogging around the building during a lunch break Parking in the farthest spot from the building when parking in a lot Strolling through the park before or after work Doing high knees while watching TV Decrease the risk of injury by properly stretching before and after workouts. I also have a medical grade air purifier to keep the air clean. Cool down muscles with static stretching or yoga poses. For instance, I have painted my entire room a deep blue color, removed all pictures and art from the walls, and use black-out curtains.

There are several ways Performance Triad will be evaluated, Andrews said. You can achieve these goals by using Performance Triad, or P3, strategies. I understand that healthy food is expensive and can be time consuming to prepare, but making small changes to your daily life today will pay dividends in the years to come.

A recent demographics profile found Split your workouts between cardio and strength training for maximum performance. For more information on the P3 program, or to access helpful articles, resource links and more, visit P3. P3 centers on three pillars that are scientifically proven to affect physical and mental performance — sleep, activity and nutrition.

7 performance triad targets for adults

Other aspects of the pilot program will be determine how well other programs like master fitness trainers, Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness programs, wellness centers and the medical community can be integrated with Performance Triad to increase its effectiveness, she added. Paul Peterson] Donald E. Many fitness experts recommend static stretching be done every day to improve balance, relieve muscle tension, improve posture and increase blood flow. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Some scientist even say that you will die from sleep deprivation before you will die from food deprivation because when a person sleep your body is still very much awake and undergoes numerous functions. I am a retired marathon runner, who has been training for the past couple of years to be a Powerlifter. In addition to these challenges, many analytical and strategic evaluation approaches that are used in an attempt to identify and project. Cool down muscles with static stretching or yoga poses. Military families excel as members of an active community. How often do you work out? My recommendation: you do what works for you, as long as you do something!

Incorporating the P3 pillars and fundamentals into a daily routine and lifestyle helps Soldiers dominate on and off the battlefield. I personally blame the burn pits. The Performance Triad is a key enabler in this campaign.

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Marine Corps photo by Sgt. After my third suicide attempt I walked away and have been pill free ever since.

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The Importance Of Sleep On The Performance Triad