The significance of symbolism in george eliots novel silas marner

Each symbol represents major themes of the story.

silas marner summary

The hearth represents security, comfort, warmth, and abundance—and not just of food. When work is done without thought or love, it's mechanical, and mechanical work is insect labor. The yearly ball at the Red House, for example, "renew[s] the charter of Raveloe" through the ritual of allowing the villagers to sit in the doorway and watch the parishioners dance 1.

Gold Silas runs to The Rainbow after he discovers that his pot of gold has been stolen.

theme of redemption in silas marner

For Silas, gold at first symbolizes the achievement of earthly goals. Eliot spends a lot of time talking about the rhythmic nature of Raveloe life, focusing in particular on the ritual of Christmas and New Year's. Let us know! They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error.

Most helpful essay resource ever! He imagines himself "with all his happiness centred on his own hearth, while Nancy would smile on him as he played with the children" 1.

It also helps portray his emptiness and loneliness.

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There's a problem with this paper. But someone working at a machine only makes part of something, or makes a product in which he or she has no investment.

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Silas Marner Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory