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So one of the first things is that at Khan Academy we've put together a complete resource with articles and exercises and videos from every part of US history. Know-Nothing Party, and then another effect, let's see, we could say, this was one of the things that led to the early Temperance movement, there was a sense that new immigrants to the United States like the Irish were drinking too much and that it was important to curb drinking.

Frequently, tasks have more than one component. So her audience I guess would be people who came to visit, maybe veterans or folks who had lost people in the war.

In fact if I count, there's one, two, three, four, five, at least six people, this might be somebody's legs, so six or seven people in a pretty small room.

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There were also political revolutions, right? For instance, if the essay is on "Technology Bringing Change," then choose what you can write the most on. The elevator might be easy, but the cotton gin offers you so much more to talk about concerning slavery and causes of the Civil War.

So we know that these are people who are in bad conditions, and Jacob Riis is exposing them, he's a muckraker who's trying to improve things, so I think it's a good answer with B.

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The task box will provide the categories necessary for an effective outline. Bioboosters ny regents 3. Account options. If it's Feminism, write about Betty Friedan. I'm seeing another question that says, "What wouldn't be a good example for this question, a bad example answer? All right, let's talk about our effects, so something that this caused. So, the Progressive Era reacts to Industrialization. After the question, the Regents will offer you different options as to what you can write about though you are not limited to their choices. Okay, tips for document citation. It is critical that students understand exactly what they are expected to write about in the essay. So I want to encourage you throughout the session to ask questions that you might have, I'm gonna pause in between each of these sections to answer some questions, and then hopefully we'll leave a little time at the end to answer any general questions you might have about the exam. In fact, it's even okay for you to have some minor errors, as long as those factual errors aren't deeply tied to what your essay is all about, for example. So maybe use a little bit about what you know of your own learning style. Okay, so this is a typical long essay question from the exam, so let me tell you a little bit about the timing for these exams. It doesn't mean that!

Okay so what else might we talk about, just general facts? So if you're panicking about how you're supposed to memorize all the names and dates and places and important people from years of history, stop panicking and just think about overall themes.

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