Video presentation business cards

Introductions Create a more personal impression with your potential clients and businesses. Ready to start a new project? The subject matter is slightly complicated, but in less than a minute, they explain what they do and how to find them, ticking all the best practice boxes.

Similarly, YouTube allows you to add a trailer to your channel so when a new viewer visits, that video will play automatically. What can I use it for? Video content within a business card allows you to clearly communicate your ideas, products and services.

You might even consider adding a short link to your video from your actual physical business card. Where to promote your video business card? Add a link from your email signature to make cold calls and emails more powerful.

audio business cards

Add-ons: pocket for business cards. A video business card is a 2.

diy video business cards

Check out our handy Video Technology and Terminology Explained page.

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