Why is it important to understand organizational philosophies and mission statements

A mission statement is meant to be broad and to indicate only the general direction of intended actions. Secondly, assigning jobs that are directly related to the achievement of organizational goals will help ensure they are attained. Keith H. Home Depot, America's largest warehouse chain selling do-it-yourself items, has remained focused.

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Continue Reading. By Lahle Wolfe Updated August 05, Mission statements are a part of the corporate landscape, but they're also valuable for small businesses, even solo practitioners. Noel N. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Although it is mostly beneficial for a business to craft a good mission statement, there are some situations where a mission statement can be considered pointless or not useful to a business. By being responsible citizens in communities where we operate and in society in general. Creating a mission committee that consists of members of management, frontline employees, and customers is another way to begin writing a mission statement. Employees from throughout the organization can help identify the core values of the company. This article is intended to elucidate on the reasons why vision and mission statements are important and the benefits that such statements provide to the organizations. This vision is the foundation for the mission statement. They can be problems with facilities, lack of a clear strategic direction, internal operating problems, too narrow a product line, weak market image, or the inability to finance changes. Applying Mission and Vision Statements to Your Organizational Strategy The mission and vision statements of a company help direct the organizational strategy. Values are increasingly important in strategic planning. If the major reason for a business's existence is to make a profit then it stands to reason that expectations of profit should be included in the organization's mission. Thus, developing a mission statement yields an opportunity to identify any stakeholder disagreements that could exist within groups among key managerial personnel, for example or between groups between managerial personnel and a board of directors.

To do this, simply ask yourself if the statement still correctly describes what you're doing. Mission statements are often difficult to evaluate because they are written in a somewhat abstract form. The challenge facing managers today is to understand the criticality of mission statements and to learn how to cope successfully with factors or conditions that may prevent their development and revision.

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Advantages of Having a Mission Statement Mission statements are a way to direct a business in the right direction, and they play a part in helping a business make sound decisions which can be beneficial to the revenue stream.

There is less time involved in creating a mission statement when it comes from the top. In other words the message of the mission statement potentially meant nothing to the audience. An organization's likelihood of accomplishing its mission is increased as it creates strong and measurable goals at each level.

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Mission Statement Definition