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If students finish their story, they simple roll again and write another. This is not a trick question. Late first grade and second grade students might have between 6 and 8 books, depending on the length of texts that they are reading. These speech bubbles, like everything else shown in this post, come from the writing center resources in my literacy centers bundles. I would use this as an intensive word practice when a student is really, really struggling. Or, we think we need to constantly change it up. Because your centers activities should be closely tied to your classroom instruction, model them during different times of the day. Free Write Choices: In the front of my word work and writing journals, I also include this list of options for writing. There are many, many possibilities for word work activities! This bag was from Dollar Tree, and I just wrote question marks all over it. Similarly, having a real audience is SO motivating to kids, and it improves the quality of their work! I always model each writing activity before I introduce it to my writing center. If you have or are thinking about adding a writing center OR independent writing activities to your independent work time, this post is for you! I always want to make sure any letters going to other students are kind.

Fill story bags with everyday items in odd combinations to spark their creativity. In order to make these no prep and reusable, you can place them in plastic sleeves and have students use a dry erase marker.

I like to assign each guided reading group a book shopping day or daysand students get new books as soon as they arrive at school on that specified day or days. In late first grade or second grade, the word work center may include grammar and vocabulary work.

Conclusions If you try out any of these ideas, let me know how it goes! The pins are from Dollar Tree.

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Students may be finishing up a response from a previous day I recommend that students spend no more than 2 days on any one response. Also, before you ever introduce a center, you should model it repeatedly in whole group or small group.

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A writing mini-lesson followed up by independent practice. Then we also learn that sometimes writers add even more details to their WHO-DID WHAT… The following morning, students would have a chance to do this activity at the writing center during guided reading. Here are some in-depth descriptions of the different centers: 1. Have students plan their work with a partner before they begin. In the past, I changed out all of my centers on Mondays. Include cool stationery, pre-lined postcards, and card stock foldables for your students to compose letters to one another. Get your students jazzed about writing by setting up a post office in the classroom. Conclusions If you try out any of these ideas, let me know how it goes! Picture Prompts: These writing prompts are an oldie but a goodie and work really well for younger students but also for older. When everyone is ready, the teacher gives another signal, and students rotate.

Here are some tweaks you can make, if necessary: Have a group of 5 or a couple of groups of 5, with 2 kids from one guided reading group and 3 from another Teach students modifications for partner activities so they can complete them individually or in a group of 3 Temporarily rearrange groups if absences or other changes require it Break up one of the centers to create an additional center You can read more about this strategy and see some videos in this post.

Partner Reading Drama, Music, or Art Literacy Play for kindergarten—optional, but recommended I suggest that you tell students which centers they will go to, and when. You can learn this through small group instruction, sight word testing, or maybe you have a program that your school uses.

Another alternative is to write a word that starts with the letters they find.

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To make it even more fun? Students also love the community aspect! The following activities are from Engaging Writing 3. You could also add separate poetry centers, pocket chart centers, or fluency centers. Generally speaking, you probably want to have students spend minutes TOTAL in centers each day. For younger students, I simply have them write the word. My personal preference is to have students work independently or in similar-ability partnerings. The second use of the writing center was to give a place or boundary to the attention to writing rotation during our guided math block. This set-up is also helpful because when a teacher meets with one guided reading group, there are still 2 children left in the center who can work together. This post contains affiliate links. During writing workshop time, my students always talk to a partner about what they plan to write. Watch my Facebook live on this topic here. If you find yourself or your students getting a little sick of the same old, same old, bring in writing activities that you might not have tried before.

This time is exclusively dedicated to reading. And, if for some reason the die is missing, they know to just pick a story option. Watch my Facebook live on this topic here.

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When they finish? You could also use paper letters instead, although beads work the best. How do students rotate between centers? You could find writing activities and helpful writing words and reminders there too! Independent Reading Center This center is all about reading, plain and simple! Intensive Word Practice : If you have a word that a student is really struggling with, this is my favorite option. You can have students keep differentiated tasks, word lists, or word cards in their folders for use during centers. Picture Prompts: These writing prompts are an oldie but a goodie and work really well for younger students but also for older. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to like, comment, and share! Use dice to create original stories. To make it even more fun? Are you ready?
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5 Ideas for a Successful Writing Center in K